Unusual new Omicron symptom emerges

People infected with Covid are often said to be suffering from a new Omicron symptom.

Many are reporting they have cold-like symptoms when they develop it. However, there are now complaints of a new tell-tale sign which those with the disease complain about.

Those using the ZOE tracker app have cited ear pain as another symptom of the virus. Last year, a study by a team of Stanford University experts and Dr Konstantina Stankovic, found that the Omicron variant could cause problems with the ear.

The study reported symptoms including severe earache, ear numbness, and even temporary hearing loss, which could also continue even after the infection has passed. Dr Stankovic said the symptoms could also appear in the fully-vaccinated, Birmingham Live reported.

Speaking to the Times Now News Portal, Dr Stankovic said: ‚ÄúPain is often associated with ringing in the ears. Surprisingly, these symptoms, although more rarely, can also appear in patients who have been vaccinated with a full course.” She also advised those with hearing loss, ringing in the ears and dizziness to take a Covid test.

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