WHY IT RATES: This new partnership will help VISIT FLORIDA and its destination partners expand their reach. —Codie Liermann, Senior Editor

In an effort to continue expanding its reach with domestic travel trade, VISIT FLORIDA is delighted to announce its first-time partnership with Signature Travel Network.

Signature Travel Network serves a broad and diverse base of retail travel companies and has been in the business for more than 60 years. As a premier consortium, Signature Travel Network will help VISIT FLORIDA and its destination Partners expand its luxury audience reach and provide new marketing and training opportunities to educate advisors on the Florida product. Signature collectively reaches more than 7,000 travel advisors in the United States and Canada. Travel advisors cannot have membership in another consortium.

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Through this first-time partnership, VISIT FLORIDA will be able to provide an exclusive buy-in opportunity for all Florida DMO Partners interested in joining Signature Travel Network. The $25K membership fee will be waived for DMO Partners that join the Signature Travel Network under the VISIT FLORIDA umbrella. Additional partnership benefits will include the option to purchase incremental B2B and B2C tactics directly with Signature without becoming a stand-alone preferred destination and the opportunity to attend the Signature Travel Network Conference from November 9-12, 2021. Based on total investment, value-added options may be extended, including recognition as a Signature Preferred Destination.

“VISIT FLORIDA is honored to partner with Signature Travel Network,” said VISIT FLORIDA President & CEO Dana Young. “This opportunity brings great value to VISIT FLORIDA and to our destination partners throughout the state to continue growing our share of domestic travelers.”

Additional benefits of the partnership include:

—Florida profile on SigNet (Signature’s advisor-facing intranet site)

—B2B Partner Announcement to all 7,000 Advisors

—Opportunity to host Signature FAM

—A webinar Series (four) launching this fall

—A dedicated Florida Microsite which will be featured on 1,100 consumer websites owned by Signature agencies launching in 2022

—Destination of the Month (November 2021):

—Featured in weekly advisor emails (four)

—SigNet banner ad on home and partner landing pages

—Facebook cover photo and posts

—Dedicated consumer email with average reach of 125,000

For more information on opportunities with Signature Travel Network and VISIT FLORIDA, please contact Chris Alestra at (424) 384-1729 or Chris@SignatureTravelNetwork.com.

SOURCE: VISIT FLORIDA press release.

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