Now that vaccinated British tourists no longer have to take a test after arrival in the UK, international travel has become far easier. Which spots are the most romantic in Europe?


Research from WeThrift found that the gorgeous Venice canals in Italy was the world’s most romantic tourist attraction.

The research looked at the amount of Tripadvisor reviews that used the word ‘romantic’ or ‘couples’.

A gondola ride around Venice’s seductive canal system could be the perfect romantic trip abroad.

Couples visiting Venice could also visit the Isola di Murano. The series of islands are linked by Venice’s bridges.

One reviewer said: “The island is absolutely beautiful” while another said it was a “special experience”.

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Opatija, Croatia

The gorgeous coastal hotspot of Opatija is the perfect destination for a Valentine’s Day off the beaten track.

A spokesperson from the Croatian National Tourist Board said: “Enticing European glitterati of the 1800s and wanderlust filled couples of tomorrow, this charming town has a sun-kissed 12km long seafront promenade.”

Lovers visiting the town could also indulge in Opatija’s delicious sweet treats as the spot is well known for chocolate artistry.



Want a second Valentine’s Day this year? Romania celebrates its romantic day, Dragobete, on February 24.

A legendary character in Romania, Dragobete was chosen as the Guardian of Love and watches over Romanian youths.

On Dragobete, couples regularly head into the Romanian countryside to pick flowers and explore together.

British tourists could opt for a break in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, or the charming town of Timisoara.

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