Corporate clients using the United Airlines Jetstream portal now have access to a new sustainability dashboard and report, according to the carrier. 

The report features a calculated carbon footprint for United flights; the ability to filter by route, departure month, equipment type and cabin; jet fuel gallons used; and information about the potential effect of sustainable aviation fuel.

Corporate customers who want a better understanding of the direct environmental effect of business travel have “become louder over the last few years,” and automating the sustainability dashboard and making it easily accessible can help highlight such information, according to United.

“To meet our goal of going 100 percent green by 2050, we know transparency and fostering cross-industry collaboration are critical to building real climate solutions and lasting change,” United managing director of global corporate accounts Aileen Furlong wrote in an email. “The launch of this new sustainability dashboard helps provide that transparency by showing our corporate partners how their company’s carbon footprint stacks up on our flights and providing actionable insights to make more sustainable travel choices.”

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