British travellers searching for a luxury holiday destination in Europe have a lot of fantastic options to choose from. But now, a glamorous marketplace for millionaires has revealed the most luxurious cities on the continent.

The most luxurious city in Europe was revealed to be Monaco.

A playground for many of the rich and famous, the Mediterranean hotspot of Monaco is known for its fantastic beaches and international car racing spectaculars.

The city is also renowned for the world-famous gambling casinos of Monte Carlo.

Monaco was found to have an average monthly living cost of €47,853 (£41,152).


A luxury holiday in Monaco is estimated to cost €4,272 (£3,845) per person.

Living in Monaco was a whopping 148 percent more expensive than the next most expensive European city, London.

Although the cost of living in London was the second highest on the luxury list, the UK capital was judged only the 13th most luxurious city in Europe.

Edinburgh was the highest scoring city in the UK, at eighth place on the luxury list.

The second most luxurious city in Europe was the Scandinavian city of Copenhagen.

The Danish capital is known for its gourmet restaurants which includes 13 eateries with a Michelin star.

Geranium is the only restaurant in Copenhagen with three Michelin stars and was ranked as the fifth best restaurant in the world.

The Scandinavian holiday destination was estimated to cost €2,920 (£2,511) per person for a luxury break.

Paris was ranked as the third most luxurious holiday destination in Europe.

The romantic French capital is renowned for designer boutiques, luxury spas and glamorous nightclubs.

Tourists visiting the luxury holiday destination can expect to pay €5,377 (£4,623) per person for a top-rated package break.

Aaron Harpin, founder of HushHush said: “ I have to admit, I wasn’t surprised to see Monaco at the top of the list, I think we can all agree nothing says luxury like Monte Carlo.”

The most luxurious destinations in Europe

1 Monaco

2 Copenhagen

3 Paris

4 Lisbon

5 Barcelona

6 Dublin

7 Amsterdam

8 Edinburgh

9 Munich

10 Oslo

11 Prague

12 Budapest

13 London

14 Vienna

15 Madrid

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