A trucking strike in Spain has caused panic for the tourism industry. Hoteliers are worried that there could soon be food shortages.

Toni Mayor, president of the Hosbec association in Benidorm, said: “If we did not have enough with a pandemic, a war, energy at the price of gold, we add a conflict with transport that tends to entrench and that could affect our activity starting next week.

“We do not understand the paralysis of the Government in providing a solution to a position that can paralyse the country’s economy.

“There is no time to lose and the attitude of the Minister is more worrying than the conflict itself.”

Mayor said there could be food shortages as early as next weekend if the trucking issue continues.

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Some hauliers in Spain are striking over the price of fuel which has affected food supply to key areas.

The striking truckers have rejected the Spanish Government’s offer of 500 million euros so it is set to continue.

Products including sunflower oil and milk are already running low in some areas with shops including Lidl affected.

Supermarkets have called for calm and asked shoppers not to panic buy so that supplies last.


Experts said that Britons made up about 44 percent of all tourists in Benidorm in March, something that was “unthinkable” just a few weeks ago.

The pandemic greatly disrupted the Spanish tourism industry with many Britons unable to travel due to restrictions.

The scraping of the passenger locator form and all travel tests for Britons has helped to increase confidence.

British tourists will need to be vaccinated to travel to Spain unless they have a recent recovery certificate.

Benidorm is one of the UK’s most popular destinations and was recently named the most ‘British’ destination in Spain.

It took the award due to the number of British expats and British themed supermarkets and restaurants.

Many British tourists are excited to return to Benidorm for the first time since the pandemic this year.

Throughout the year there are several mass parties in Benidorm which are often attended by thousands of Britons.

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