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The Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem, Israel


  • The COVID pandemic is not over fully and caution must be taken if you are travelling
  • Western Europe, states in USA and Israel are some places where COVID infections are on the rise
  • It is advisable to not travel to locations where COVID is making a resurgence

COVID-19 cases across the world are receding and travel freaks are looking for their next destination. For over two years, people were restricted to their homes due to the fear of infection but now things are finally looking up. Many countries which had imposed travel restrictions due to the fear of the virus are also opening up their borders to foreign travellers. However, there are certain countries which are seen a resurgence of COVID cases making them unsafe for travel as of now. 

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Meanwhile, new COVID variants continue to hound people’s lives, and return to complete normalcy still seems like a far cry. 


Several states in the USA, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Maine, Delaware and Georgia are among the states seeing increasing coronavirus cases. It is best to avoid traveling to these locations. 

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Western Europe 

Immunity from the vaccines is waning and the lifting of restrictions seems to have led to a resurgence of COVID in countries such as Britain, France, Germany and Italy. All of the mentioned locations are tourist hotspots but must be avoided for now. 


Shanghai is seeing a return of new COVID cases and it is advisable to not travel to Chinese territory as of now. 

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong administration has lifted some restrictions for foreign travellers recently but daily cases of infection are on the rise. 


Israel is also seeing a rise in Covid cases. As per reports, as many as 14,000 cases are being reported daily. 


The daily number of COVID cases in Cyprus are around 5000. It is only sensible to avoid travel here or you may be prone to infection. 

COVID cases are also rising in Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, and Austria. The highest number of new weekly cases were reported from South Korea (2,442,195), Germany (1,576,261), Vietnam (1,127,716), France (845,119), and Italy (503,932), while the highest new weekly deaths were reported from Chile (11,858), the US (5,367), India (4,525), Russia (2,859), and South Korea (2,471).

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