LONDON–()–NCEC, the chemical experts arm of the Ricardo Group, is partnering with OURAY, a global environmental, engineering, manufacturing, and chemical services company, to offer Level One emergency response to OURAY customers, with an emphasis on the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.

OURAY’s customers will receive vital telephone-based advice from the experienced NCEC team in the event of a chemical emergency.

The agreement underpins the APAC Emergency Response initiative, which is due to start in January from OURAY’s new Singapore base, to provide a chemical response service for the Asia-Pacific region. The telephone emergency response (Level 1) will be carried out by NCEC’s best-in-class emergency response service. The on-site expert advice (Level 2) and the on-ground responder (Level 3) service will be provided by OURAY.

Jon Gibbard, Director of NCEC, said: “We have an experienced team of responders who are able to ask appropriate questions to understand the context of the scene, and alongside other sources of information such as SDSs, Chemdata and the responders’ own knowledge, they are able to give proportionate, actionable advice to the caller at the scene of the incident.”

Aaron Montgomery, CHMM/OURAY President and CEO, said: “OURAY is extremely excited about offering these combined services to the marketplace. This OURAY/NCEC partnership will allow our organisations to be the first in the world to provide combined Level 1, 2 and 3 services. This signifies a large step forward in OURAY’s mission to be a complete turn-key solution to the global chemical supply chain.”

Mr Gibbard said: “It is a great opportunity for NCEC/OURAY to support customers with best-in-class emergency response services within the Americas and Asia-Pacific region. We are excited to be working with OURAY. This holistic approach to emergency response further supports our vision to create a world fit for the future by reducing harm from incidents globally. This partnership is a clear indication of how NCEC’s advice-focused approach to emergency response is valued within the market. We are all looking forward to getting started.”

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NCEC, part of Ricardo, is a leading provider of chemical emergency response and chemical regulatory support services, enabling customers to reduce the impact their activities have on people and the environment, while protecting their reputation and assets. Offering telephone emergency response, regulatory compliance and policy consultation and hazardous material (hazmat) training, NCEC is the first choice for some of the largest chemical companies across the globe. For more information, visit


OURAY is a leading and global environmental, engineering, manufacturing and chemical services company, offering solutions in over 100 countries. OURAY helps clients reach their long-term goals, by utilising its knowledge and experience across their global network to assist them with their most pressing needs.

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