The COVID-19 pandemic arrived in an evolving epidemiological context where some countries are experiencing a progressive decrease in HIV positivity in their testing programme as they are moving closer to the first 95 target. 

Distinguishing changes in HIV testing services due to the COVID-19 pandemic from those resulting from evolving HIV testing strategies is crucial for adapting services and helping countries define their strategic mix of testing options moving forward.
There is a need to focus, prioritize and plan for strategic efforts to prevent going further off the track toward achieving global targets and goals. To support these efforts, WHO in partnership with ministries of health conducted an in-depth
analysis of HIV testing services and antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation prior to and during reported COVID-19 disruptions. 

Additional publicly available Global Fund and PEPFAR data was also reviewed and analysed. This analysis, and coordination with ministries of health, identified key service delivery adaptations utilized during COVID-19-related disruptions and formed
the basis of this strategic guide.

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