Even though it’s been over a year since Ana Schlingmann and João Juk have been on this campus, it still carries so many memories.

“Nostalgic,” Schlingmann said. “Yeah I was looking for that word, it’s so nice to see it this time of year.”

Both Juk and Schlingmann are Siena College grads from Brazil who took part in the college’s dual degree program.

It consisted of three years of school in Brazil and a final year and a half at Siena.

While the decision was daunting, they knew Siena was where they needed to be.

“You know, I met some saints before coming here, and they were talking about the nice campus and I felt like it was the right choice,” Schlingmann said. “And well, it was.”

The two majored in finance, spending countless hours in the classroom.

Now, Schlingmann is working with her family back home in Brazil, and Juk has opened a construction company back home as well.

The two say they would never be where they are now, without being a Siena Saint.

“Having to work with different people, from different environments and backgrounds, all this knowledge from Siena really helps,” Juk said.

But due to COVID-19 restrictions, their 2020 graduation ceremony was postponed.

With no future date in sight, the two returned home without getting to walk across the stage.

But on Sunday, they finally received their long-awaited diploma.

Traveling all the way back from Brazil, this moment gives the two closure.

“This is like the moment we see in the movies and everything we see in American future, we see this moment,” Schlingmann said. “It looks like such a traditional thing to do, so it’s kind of like yeah, we did it.”

Now Schlingmann and Juk can finally say they’re proud graduates of Siena College.

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