International SOS has launched the COVID Trip Planner, a risk management tool to help travellers and corporates get back to travel.

The planner aims to provide personalised information and advice on how to plan travel and is available via the International SOS ManagerView and Assistance App.

The technology has been launched in partnership with Sherpa with information in the planner regularly updated as restrictions and requirements in countries change.

The planner includes travel rules by destination, visa and testing requirements and quarantine rules as well as access to related forms for completion before departure.

Laurent Fourier, CEO assistance services, International SOS, said: “Omicron has sparked another wave of travel bans and many countries have taken the decision to reverse their border easing in fear of the highly transmissible variant. We expect travel regulations to continuously evolve and the impact of COVID-19 may even transform the way we travel for many years to come. Each trip may require a risk management process based on the destination, need for travel, as well as additional COVID-19 restrictions.”

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