MID-SOUTH — The Labor Day holiday is a popular travel holiday for Americans.

Despite requests from the CDC for those who arenot vaccinated to avoid travel, AAA expects a lot of people to hit the roadways this holiday weekend.

With Hurricane Ida causing significant damage in the Gulf Coast and the Northeast, AAA spokeswoman Megan Cooper tells FOX13 that travelers need to double-check any bookings made for their trip.

“If you have any travel bookings, hotels, anything like that, go ahead and call ahead and make sure that hotel is still open, make sure they’re still providing services,” says Cooper.

After you have verified that your recent trip bookings are still in service, Cooper says prepare for more drivers on the roadways.

“Road trips have been a very popular mode of transportation throughout the entire pandemic,” says Cooper.

Cooper says that’s because driving to destinations offers more flexibility in planning a trip. Because of the pandemic, Cooper says people may be more prone to planning last-minute trips or may have to cancel trips because of covid-19 or quarantining.

With covid-19 case numbers rising, Cooper says it’s made it difficult for AAA to estimate how many people will actually hit the roadways this Labor Day weekend.

“It’s a little tricky this year to try to guestimate who’s traveling and who’s not traveling and how many will travel.”

After Hurricane Ida barreled through the Gulf Coast and the Northeast, Cooper says gasoline shortages in those areas is possible. In Tennessee, Cooper says drivers don’t have to worry about a gas shortage, but the price for gas.

“We have the supply, and that supply is good and steady, hurricanes still have that effect on the overall gas price market. It’s likely in some areas, especially around Nashville and Memphis, that you could see $3 and above in some areas,” says Cooper.

The state average for gas in Tennessee is $2.90. In Memphis, Cooper says the average price for gas is 4 cents higher at $2.94 a gallon.

Because driving is a popular choice of travel, Cooper says before leaving for your trip, make sure your car’s maintenance is up to date.

Here’s a checklist AAA says you should use to make sure you’re good to go.

Outside of making sure your car is prepared, Cooper says travelers should also prepare and pack a summer emergency kit. Here is what AAA says you need to pack.

When making your trip, make sure you limit distractions, don’t text and drive, and wear your seatbelt. If you plan to drink on Labor Day, make sure you have a designated driver. According to AutoInsurance.org Labor Day is the 2nd deadliest travel holiday. In Memphis, Memphis Police Say they have already responded to 152 fatal accidents.

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