On Saturday, the officials of Indonesia are planning to remove quarantine period for foreign visitors visiting Bali. Malaysia too have announced the waiver of covid-19 travel bans on people visiting from Thailand and Cambodia.Also Read – Egypt Discovers a 3000-Year-Old Lost City, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Aten

Indonesia and Malaysia had previously imposed strict covid-19 trave ban on visitors visiting from Asia. This has affected their tourism industry a lot. A spokesperson for the coordinating maritime affairs and investment ministry said that President Joko Widodo is yet to decided to about wavier for vaccinated visitors. Also Read – Andaman And Nicobar Tourism: Good News! Fully Vaccinated Tourists do Not Have to Carry RT-PCR Test Report

According to Jodi Mahardi, visitors from 23 countries that also include Australia, the United States, Germany and Netherlands would also be qualified for a visa on the arrival under the revised rules. Also Read – Camel Festival 2022: Date, Time And Day-Wise Itinerary For The Culturally Rich Event in Bikaner

Ida Ayu Indah Yustikarini, Bali’s government tourism office, confirmed the quarantine waiver plan with Reuters. However, the final decision was from the central government.

At present, Malaysia will allow vaccinated arrivals from Cambodia and Thailand. They do not have to go through mandatory quarantine from March 15. They have also allowed daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Phnom Penh, Bangkok and the island of Phuket.

Malaysia has removed quarantine ban from Singapore whereas Indonesia has allowed the entry of visitors from specified countries to Bali. They have reduced to quarantine period to three days. Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand have removed quarantine covid testing before departure and on arrival.

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