France travel update: COVID test rules to be dropped for vaccinated travellers

COVID test reports will no longer be required for vaccinated travellers visiting France in the coming days. France has announced that it will be dropping the mandatory requirement of a negative COVID test for vaccinated travellers travelling from outside the European Union. This move comes as the country continues to register a drop in daily infection numbers, as stated by Europe Minister Clement Beaune.

While talking to the media, he added that they restored testing requirements in December due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant. However, they will soon announce that tests will no longer be required for vaccinated people in the coming days.

As of now, anyone coming from outside the EU, including Britain, is required to provide a negative test result that has been taken 48 hours prior to their travel, regardless of vaccination status. The Minister stated that this week, there will probably be a new European protocol for vaccinated people arriving from outside the EU, with eased measures.

EU members on January 25 agreed to better coordinate their travel rules, especially for those crossing borders within the bloc. While the surge in Omicron variant has prompted Italy and Denmark, for example, to impose recent negative test requirements for entry by fellow EU residents as well as vaccination proof, such strict rules have reportedly irritated officials in Brussels.

As per the reports, France started lifting a series of COVID restrictions this month, and announced that nightclubs will reopen from February 16, while concerts and sporting events will also be allowed to take place.

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