COLUMBIA – Flight prices across the nation are seeing an increase as the summer travel season is approaching. 

Domestic flight prices increased 40% since the beginning of 2022 and are expected to rise an additional 10% next month, marking a 7% price increase since 2019. 

Airlines including Delta, American, United, Southwest and JetBlue are just a few of the airlines this effects. 

As summer approaches, the demand for flights goes up as more individuals are able to travel. The Transportation Security Administration said it anticipates passenger volumes will match and may occasionally exceed those of 2019.

“So your vacation packages, for instance, are escalating at a fairly quick pace,” Jerry Price, office manager at Direct Travel, said. “For the most part, I’m having to give people bad news when it comes to prices or in the case when they call back several days later to go ahead and book something we quoted, the price is almost higher.” 

Price, working in a retail travel agency, has both corporate and leisure clients who book trips including family vacations, honeymoons, corporate travel meetings and incentive travel, among others.

According to Price, these flight increases are due to a number of reasons. 

“One, we’re entering a high season, so anytime kids are out of school, which is summer vacations, spring break, Christmas vacations, prices are higher,” Price said. “Second, of course, we all know that gas prices are escalating as well. And third, there’s an increased demand, everybody’s wanting to go somewhere now.” 

Price gave advice to those traveling this summer. 

“Be flexible on your dates and your destinations,” he said. “The earlier you can book your trip, the better off you are. Flights are available up to 11 months into the future, so the earlier you can get a lock into a price, the better off you are. And just be flexible is really the key and dates and destinations will help you out immensely.”

While prices are higher right now, only time can tell if this will be a continued problem.

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