TUCSON (KVOA) – El Guero Canelo is making headlines again this year. The local Mexican restaurant made it to the 2021 Travel Magazine’s “The 10 Best Hot Dogs in the U.S.A.”

According to Travel Magazine, they “scoured America’s menu and found the 10 best hot dogs.” The Old Pueblo’s Sonoran-style dog placed seventh on their list.

“Walk into any restaurant in Arizona serving hot dogs and they will have a Sonoran-style hot dog on the menu. This style takes the all-American hot dog and adds some Mexican flare to it,” Travel Magezine said. “And no one does the Sonoran-style hot dog better than El Guero Canelo. Your hot dog comes wrapped in bacon and topped with beans, grilled and fresh onions, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and jalapeno sauce. If you’re feeling hungry, get the “Sammy dog” version, which is just two dogs instead of one.”

Chicago’s Wolfy’s Hot Dogs took the first place. New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Alaska, Florida and Colorado also made the list.

In 2019, El Guero Canelo made it to the Travelers’ Choice Awards for Restaurants. It was named the 22nd best fast-casual restaurant in the United States for that year.

For more information about the local restaurant, visit El Guero Canelo Restaurants.

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