Safety, security and access incidents

Incidents of threats and violence affecting the provision of education.



01 July 2021: In Uige city, Uige province, 11 teachers were taken into custody during a protest against unpaid wages. The teachers were reportedly tortured by police officers before being released.* Sources: ACLED1 and CPJ

Burkina Faso

01 July 2021: In Doubou village, Bilanga commune, Gnagna province, suspected Jama’at Nasr alIslam wal Muslimin (JNIM) militants looted the canteen of a school.* Source: ACLED1

16 July 2021: In Kibare, Tobou, and Kyriomdeni villages, Bilanga commune, Gnagna province, suspected JNIM militants burnt down a school (Kibare), looted two school canteens (Kyriomdeni and Tobou) and looted the school director’s residence (Tobou).* Source: ACLED1


07 July 2021: In Nyarunazi village, Rutegama commune, Muramvya province, a male teacher was abducted by police and Imbonerakure. Source: ACLED1

09 July 2021: In Murinda Hill, Vugizo commune, Makamba province, a teacher was abducted from his home by police officers travelling in two National Intelligence Service (SNR) vehicles. The officers also attacked and injured his wife during the abduction. Source: SOS Media


30 June 2021: In Mbingo, Belo sub-division, Boyo division, Northwest region, students and teachers were attacked by suspected armed separatists from Aboh. The students had gathered in a primary school located inside the Mbingo Baptist hospital for the national exam, which took place on 29 and

30 June. The perpetrators interrupted the exam, searched the office, and took all the exam scripts with them. The staff of the school and the exam centre were also intimidated and interrogated, and their phones were confiscated.* Source: Mimimefo

01 July 2021: In Kumba town, Ekondo Titi sub-division, Ndian division, Southwest region, a government high school teacher was shot and killed in his home by suspected separatists operating.
According to reports, he had just returned home when the perpetrators knocked on his door and shot him. Reports suggest that the previous GCE Chief Examiner in Kumba town was also shot and killed.* Sources: Cameroon Info, Facebook and Mimimefo

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