WHY IT RATES: During this show, Minister Collado held meetings with a variety of travel companies including airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, travel agency associations and more. —Codie Liermann, Managing Editor

On February 17, 2022, the Ministry of Tourism made the seventh stop of its DR Tourism Roadshow “DRTOURS.” This time, it stopped in the city of Houston, Texas in the United States, and it had an attendance of more than 300 tour operators and travel agencies in the area.

On August 31, 2021, the Ministry of Tourism launched, with an innovative and personal style, promotional visits to important tourist source cities in the country and the region, to reconnect with the leaders of the tourism industry in the different markets. These events are known as DR Tourism Roadshows (DR TOURS), which constitute a new style of promoting and positioning the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination and are led by Minister David Collado. During the event, attendees receive first-hand, relevant information on tourism’s state and recovery, as well as an overall presentation about the Dominican tourism offer with all its diverse destinations.

The state of Texas has been identified as a location of interest by this administration as it ranks third in all travel bookings originating from the United States in 2022, with nine percent of the total booked volume.

These events are part of the new Dominican tourism management strategy that seeks to reconnect, relaunch and reposition the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination. The Minister of Tourism has already held five DR TOURS in the United States, in the cities of New York, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Chicago.

The most recent event took place in Madrid and was scheduled to coincide with the celebration of the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR). It was attended by agencies from all over Europe. The initiative also included meetings with key allies in the different markets, to establish short and medium-term strategies seeking to further increase the number of tourist arrivals and to position the Dominican Republic Destination in the different segments.

During the visit to Texas, Minister Collado held meetings with airlines, tour operators, travel agents, travel agency associations, among others. In these meetings several goals were accomplished, such as the identification of marketing opportunities, the opening of new routes, the design of direct marketing campaigns, and the increase of existing routes, among others.

These events were attended by more than two thousand tour operators and travel agencies in the United States and Spain. “The relationship is further strengthened with training opportunities and marketing campaigns tailor-made for these agencies, as part of the strategy of a smart, efficient and timely marketing and positioning strategy,” said Minister Collado.

SOURCE: Dominican Republic press release.

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