The FM area sees it’s eighth blizzard of the winter which is double the normal average.

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) – The area sees its eighth blizzard of the winter which is double the normal average.

“It’s more than I can take. It’s horrible. We’ve driven the last 100 miles doing 45 miles per hour. It was scary. It was very scary,” Wind Farmer Ross Smith said.

The snowfall is making driving conditions extremely difficult. Roads are covered. Several highways are shut down, and with constant wind gusts blowing snow, visibility is a big issue.

It’s affecting people’s jobs. Drivers are being forced to take alternative routes which are delaying delivery times.

Colleges have closed campuses and public schools have canceled classes and many extracurricular activities have been delayed.

A man traveling from Garden City, Kansas stopped in Sioux City. He says he spent six hours trying to travel to Grand Forks for work.

“The wind farm industry has slowed way down because of the cold weather. It’s very rough. Very tough,” Smith said.

They are making adjustments and trying to push through.

“Just dealing with it the best we can. Taking long breaks. Staying out of the weather as much as possible. Not getting too cold. Keeping our equipment running 24/7, but we’re making it. I spoke with one woman visiting Fargo. She is a bus driver in Minnesota and says she plans on heading back. She’s expecting to go to work. Snow wasn’t as bad there she tells me,” Smith said.

She says it’s not worse than the blizzard of 1997, but it is pretty bad here in Fargo.

Cars have been getting stuck around the area and plows are working tirelessly to clear roads and parking lots so people who have to travel can go about their business as usual.

Authorities advise it’s best to avoid traveling unless it’s an emergency.

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