Japan’s ANA Group is planning to set up a new medium-haul airline called AirJapan.

The company said AirJapan would make its first commercial flight in the second half of 2023 and would aim to provide a “thoughtful and caring passenger experience”, which was neither a full-service nor low-cost carrier, instead “combining the best of both worlds”.

Hideki Mineguchi, president of Air Japan, said: “We are excited to begin unveiling AirJapan and the selectable service and comfortable cabin experience it will offer passengers. 

“By focusing on medium-haul international routes, the ANA Group will be better equipped to meet emerging trends for international travel at a competitive price. 

“We are proud to be part of the team that is increasing options for travellers while also bringing the same commitment to quality and safety found across the ANA Group.”

Details of the first routes that AirJapan will serve have not yet been announced.

“The exact routes and specific dates of the scheduled first flight is still under consideration as ANA is closely monitoring trends in the recovery of demand for international flights,” added the company in its statement.

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